winter Box

Mid-Winter Harvest

(limited quantity)

Deep lasting heat, warms the extremities, BI pain, chronic conditions

Smoke is fresh and cleansing, perfect for sensitive patients

Profoundly calming and relaxing

$35 / 10gr

Spring Box

Mid-Spring Harvest

Long lasting Yin protective heat, moderate burning temperature, acute conditions

Smoke is subtle and light

$35 / 10gr

Summer Box

Late Summer Harvest

Strong heat and deeply tonifying for all Zang-Fu, warms Channels and Collaterals, three Jaios

Smoke is mellow and woodsy

$35 / 10gr


Western Mugwort

5,500′ – 10,000′ elevation
Arid foothills, mountain meadows, conifer forests

For all types of Direct and Indirect Moxibustion

Burning temperature depends on harvest time, aging and curing


October 2022 Autumn Harvest

A very powerful moxa hand-picked during the October 2022 Full Harvest Moon. Carefully dried and cured under the same moon cycle.

$35 / 10gr