Rocky Mountain Moxa

Hand-Crafted Moxa Grown in Colorado

Modern Acupuncturists cannot afford to harvest, process, cure their own homemade loose Moxa. Because of this fact, many resort to buying poor quality Chinese Moxa that tends to burn very hot and is quite smokey, or some obtain high-end Japanese Moxa that is pure, but very high priced.

So, where does one get the highest quality loose Moxa at the best prices? Rocky Mountain Moxa offers the absolute purest loose Moxa available anywhere. It is made from naturally organic native Western Mugwort. It is meticulously hand-crafted, and cured and aged in the Colorado high country. 

Properly manufactured, cured and aged moxa should have a subtle sage-like smoke, pleasant odor, it should be light and fluffy, and have a very pale color. It should also have enough essential oil to easily detect its natural sage-like fragrance.

“High grade moxa is ivory or white in color. Being composed nearly entirely of leaf wool, it is easily shaped and permits formation of small cones; it also produces minimal smoke and odor. Burning gently it is the preferred moxa for application directly to the skin.” – A Practical Dictionary of Chinese Medicine, by Nigel Wiseman and Feng Ye